Broken Lobbies

Call of Duty has been in the pool of the biggest gaming franchises. Its third edition of modern warfare is the fastest-selling game in history. 8.8 million copies of Call of Duty Modern Warfare III sold in the first week. More than 10 Million gamers play different modes of Call of Duty Bot Lobby monthly.

In a study, the researcher noticed that Call of Duty players’ brain works faster than other people and these gamers are better in strategy making. All the progress this game has made is due to its interactive graphics and better-quality stuff. A-list actors of Hollywood have produced even the voices of characters in the game. As there is such a vast community of this game, many terms invented by gamers or companies are permanent in the game. One of them is a bot or bot lobby.

What is a bot lobby?

A bot is a low-level player or game-generated Artificial Intelligent character. A bot can also be called a computer-controlled enemy. So, a bot lobby contains characters that are not skilled players. Players can easily defeat those bots and get used to the game. Bot lobby is an online match with bots. They are making it easier to earn camos and challenges. Or they can join bot lobbies to have an easy game so that they can get rewards or increase their level.

How to create a Call of Duty bot lobby?

Recently, COD has launched a cold war bot lobby. It is a way to introduce new players to the game with the help of bots. Here are the following steps that someone can use to use to host a cold war bot lobby.

I-             Enter the multiplayer section of COD Cold War.

ii-            Click on the lobby section on top of the screen.

iii-           Scroll down and find the “VS BOTS” option.

So, in these simple steps, you can host a cold war bot lobby. But there are some limitations. You are limited to Team-Death-Match, Free-For-All, and Domination modes. You are limited to 7 maps, but you can still change the bot difficulty that how much difficult practice you want.

In case you want more options in a cold war bot lobby, go to the “Custom Game” section and scroll down to the “Bots and Players” section. Here you can add or remove multiple bots. You can customize the maps and modes according to your way.

Other players can also join the bot lobby by customization. You can customize it so that if any of the players leave the games, a bot replaces them so that number of players does not change. A new gamer can get used to these steps and learn things to do in the game. It is beneficial and provides the newbies to improve their gaming skills by getting a closer look through demonstration.

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