Broken Lobbies

Over time Call of Duty has earned an excellent reputation and maintained a successful business in FPS gaming. COD Cold War is also its series of successes. All players want to get good results to earn more points and achieve a higher level. Here comes a concept of bot lobbies in the Call of Duty cold war. Cold war bot lobby contains less skilled or bad players that are defendable. There are some methods and types of bot lobbies/ cheapest boost services.

Practice bot lobbies

Recently, COD has launched a cold war bot lobby. It is a way to introduce new players to the game with the help of bots. Here are the following steps that someone can use to use to host it.

  • Enter the multiplayer section of Call Of Duty Cold War.
  • Click on the lobby section on top of the screen.
  • Scroll down and find the “VS BOTS” option.

So in these simple steps, you can host this bot lobby. But there are some limitations. There is the confinement of 7 maps in Team-Death-Match, Free-For-All, and Domination modes.

In case you want more options in a bot lobby, go to the “Custom Game” section and scroll down to the “Bots and Players” section. Here you can add or remove multiple bots. You can customize the maps and modes according to your way.
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Cold War Bot Lobby Glitch/ Easy bot lobbies

SBMM, Skill Based Match Making, is always high in Black Ops and Cold war. To find a comfortable bot lobby, you have to do certain things. Your “Score per minute” must be lowered.

Lowering the Score per minute

To lower your Score per minute, you have to camp. It is a very effective method. SBMM determines your movement, guns, attachments, scorestreaks, and things like that. SBMM is on the player’s side, and the player decides what kind of Lobby he/she wants according to their SBMM.

If your Score per minute is below average, eventually, your SBMM will get low, and you will find a more comfortable bot lobby. Controlling the Score on a low level is also known as a cold war bot lobby glitch as the system can’t detect whether the player is willingly lowering his/her Score per minute or not.

Reverse Boosting

As we discussed above, SBMM is on the player’s side. They determine the type of opponents and skill level of their opponents. One of the significant loopholes of Skill-based match-making is that it can’t detect reverse boosting. Reverse boosting is a method that makes the game easy for the players/helps to find the player’s cold war bot lobby/ cheapest boost service. Players join the lobbies and get killed early in-game.

After some rounds, the game starts believing that this particular player cannot fight with high-skill players. Hence, the game automatically puts that specific player in a comfortable COD cold war bot lobby. The low-level player uses this method, but professional and skilled gamers are also using these methods to win tournaments or make better gameplay videos for their social media accounts.

So above three were some of the methods of having a cold war bot lobby. Many new players want to achieve higher levels or rewards, which can help them. But most of the time, players un-intentionally violate the game rules causing their account ban. Here are some professional and skilled gamers who provide the cheapest boosting services to boost your accounts so you can achieve the desired results without violating game rules or wasting your efforts.

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