Obsidian camo

60,00$ - $400.00



Do you want to be the envy of all your friends online? Or even just improve your own gaming experience.

Sometimes trying to unlock all the additional content can feel boring and slow. You love the game and you want the extra stuff but the grind is more draining than fun. Let us help make your gaming experience the best it can be.

With our expert modders, we can enhance your game faster than it takes to play a normal match.

  • Obsidian camo on one or more guns ( depending on the amount you select )
  • Requirement: The gun you want obsidian has to be gold already

What You Need To Do

This service is completed by a member of our team who will unlock your selected content quickly and ensure you can get the most from your game.

To do this, we need your XBOX account details and a byom.de recovery email which is linked to your xbox email , when you play on a different platform simply link a xbox account to your activision account.

What Happens Next:

Once your payment is made, you will receive instructions on what to do next to make things as simple as possible

Delivery time for a specific timeslot is 6-48 hours.

Safety First:

We specialise in safely enhancing gaming experiences. We do all we can to ensure that accounts remain secure and there have been no bans imposed due to our services, but as always, modding your game is done at your own risk.