Nuclear calling card
June 18, 2020
Sub Machine Guns
June 18, 2020

Nuked Out



Want your account to stand out? Unlock Calling Cards in COD Black Ops 4 and customize your profile to perfection!  

  • Complete the necessary challenges fast and efficiently to unlock a Calling Card 
  • Give a flair to your profile with a prestigious Calling Card 

 How It Works: 

Unlocking a Calling Card can be time-consuming or too hard, but our professional gaming services are here for you. After you purchase, our COD game expert will log in to your account and get the nuked out Calling Card for you.  

  • Perform a 30-kill streak in a match of free for all ( nuked out )
  • Calling card completion guarantee 

Satisfaction Guarantee 

A COD game expert with ten years of professional gaming experience provides this service. Level up your account in a trusted, safe and secure way.  

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