November 24, 2020
Chain Killer Card
November 24, 2020

Dark Matter Ultra


You’ll get:

  1. The Golden Camo unlcocked for every single weapon
  2. The Platinum Camo unlocked for every single weapon class
  3. The Damascus Camo unlocked for every single weapon
  4. Weapon and Level experience
  5.  A boost of your K/D

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Delivery time: up to 14 days

Get the Damascus Camo Now! 

If you’re reading this, you may struggle to obtain Dark Matter Ultra Camo or you’re naturally impatient. Whatever your case is, you can now get the most-wanted, hardest-to-get Camo in the Call of Duty.  

Don’t waste your time in a ton of games, playing with all the base weapons. Get now the most fantastic COD camo! 

  • Unlock the Ultimate Camo of Call of Duty 
  • Complete Camo Challenges Easily 

How It Works: 

After your purchase, our COD game expert will log in to your account and unlock the Gold and Platinum Camo for every base weapon and you’ll receive Dark Matter Ultra Camo as your reward. 

  • Unlock Golden Camo 
  • Unlock Platinum Camo 
  • Unlock Damascus Camo 
  • Increase Your Level and Weapon XP 
  • Boost your K/D 

Satisfaction Guarantee 

A COD game expert with ten years of professional gaming experience provides this service. Level up your account in a trusted, safe, and secure way.  

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