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Competing is always an adventure. Rising through the ranks and getting ahead of your competition gives you the best boost for all the effort you put in. As a Modern Warfare 2 player, you are the shooter and you would like to be the best one, wouldn’t you? The experience the game gives you is impeccable and the feeling is unmatched. As a player, you are looking for ways to level up through modern warfare 2 boosting discord and want the coolest gear for yourself. Work through these tips and you would get all that gear you want easily and beat all your competitors. The players have to beat each other and rise through the ranks to get the latest gear, more advanced equipment, better perks, and weapons. Modern warfare 2 boosting lobby will help you get to your desired ranks.

Focus on using the double XP tokens

 You need to keep a track of double XP events, to keep up even if you do not have any tokens. These events occur a few times in a while so keep a track of these events to yield maximum benefit. To pull off ranks easily and in a shorter period use the double XP. Different players will get different hours of double weapon XP depending on their purchase. Either way, make sure to get as much as you can out of the mode where you can go twice as fast as the normal XP.

Do not quit matches in between 

Online matches where multiple players are playing can be frustrating especially when things do not go your way. You can feel overwhelmed and feel like quitting, make sure you calm yourself at times like these and continue with the matches. If you quit you will lose the bonus of that particular match, so this will cost you twice, losing the game and the bonus of the match you have earned. So, buckle up and be as strong and smart as you can win the game.

Play with teams

Team playing can be very useful to rise in the ranks. This way the game has an objective and even if you do not have the best play you will still be earning points along with the modern warfare 2 services which will eventually lead your way up through the ranks. So, do not underestimate the fun and benefits of team play. This will also mean you will have to revive and help the ones fallen behind. It is a moral way to play and also will earn you more allies eventually translating to more XP through more wins.

Be a challenge-player

The game is a challenging one as a whole. To get through it you have been a challenging player, fighting through the difficulties you face with the play along with the frustration of the loss or adventure of a win. Do choose a challenge as they will help you earn a good amount of XP hence helping you to rise in the ranks.