Broken Lobbies


Asked Questions

For many of our services, we log into your game account and legitimately play through and progress your game to unlock content.

Our team of professionals are seasoned gamers and highly skilled, so they are more than capable of unlocking the content in your games.

For certain services, in order to speed the progress up, we will use special ‘boost lobbies’ where other players are uniquely placed to gain the maximum rewards in the minimum timeframe.

In as far as sharing a game with a friend and having them unlock special content for you, yes.

Most game developers and industries however do tend to have strict rules that apply in terms of using, sharing and progressing within their games.

The service provided is not in any way illegal, but game developers may choose to see it as a breach of terms within their games.

Broken Lobbies services are delivered directly into your account depending on your purchase.

Example #1: If you purchase a Boost, you need to join our lobby.
Example #2: If you purchase a Recovery, the recovery is delivered directly into your game account.

Most of the Broken Lobbies game services are delivered within the next 24 hours from your purchase. Please note that if you don’t receive your service within 24 hours, there are two reasons for that:

Reason #1: Broken Lobbies haven’t seen your order yet.
Reason #2: You haven’t replied when Broken Lobbies contacted you, or you haven’t contacted us.

Some of the Broken Lobbies services require data like your gamertag or name (for example, the Boosting service). However, after the service is delivered, we’ll not store any of your data, and we’ll not store you as a user or friend.

Some of the services require me to log in to your game account to play and deliver the purchased by you service. After the completion of the service, I ensure your account is deleted from my system, and any of your data will not be used again, unless if you purchase another service from me.

The way that we unlock content provides you with complete peace of mind.

There are no hacks, no tricks, just professionals and a temporary switching of your primary console.

Currently, Broken Lobbies support payments only via PayPal. Even if you don’t have a PayPal account, PayPal supports payments with a debit or credit cards using their payment platform, without the need to create an account. Please note that PayPal is one of the safest and secure payment methods and doesn’t store any of your personal data.

The services are available to everyone worldwide. Whatever is your resident country, you can purchase Broken Lobbies digital services.

No, I am not a hacker. I have been playing professionally for more than ten years, completing with success every single release of Call of Duty multiplayer since its launch. I am friendly and team spirit person, passionate about working with people and help them progress in the breathtaking world of Call of Duty!